Monday, 31 December 2007

Serving Molly

When I was Mistress Molly's slave, I often used to submit to her via chat: not least because she spends part of the year in Australia.

This is the transcript of one session in November 2006:

Mistress Molly: are you on your knees?

thursday: i am sitting
i will get naked and kneel for you

M: you need to tell me what you are doing
and make sure it is things i would want
i want you on your knees
in front of your Mistress

t: i am kneeling on the floor by the bed
the light is low
and my head is bowed

M: i want you in the lowest of B Thursday

t: i place hands on either side of Your feet
with your head on the floor
kissing my boots
and lower my head to the floor
keeping my buttocks in the air
skin stretched taught
back curving down
as i press my lips to the black leather of your boot
kissing Your foot with my eyes closed

M: i smack my crop down on you

t: i run my tongue along the soft leather on the instep

M: Thursday

t: i gasp involuntarily

M: i want to hurt you tonight

t: yes, Mistress
i understand, Mistress
thank You

M: you have made me quite upset

t: i am sorry, Mistress
i did not mean to

M: you deserve to be down on the floor

t but i know i deserve punishment

M: obviously

t: for my behaviour in Amsterdam
i tremble slightly
anticipating the bitter lash

M: so tell me the story

t: but i cannot prevent an erection

M: i am the one who deserves to come Thursday

t: which story, Mistress?

M: the story that will make me come tonight
about what happens now with you bringing your punishment book to me

t: my Mistress will take pleasure tonight in seeing her slave
bound tightly in front of her
the softest and most vulnerable parts of his body
exposed to her cane and crop

M: i am not her
i am me

t: yes, Mistress
forgive me

M: i have been waiting for You
and prepared the implements You asked for
crawl to me with your Book of Errors and beg for forgiveness
the St Andrew's Cross, the cuffs for wrists and ankles
the blindfold and the gag
i have laid them on the table with the canes, the crop
and the flogger
i am not doing the typing tonight Thursday

t: on my hands and knees i crawl to your throne
and lay my collar on Your knees
You twist my hair between Your fingers
put your own collar on
pulling my head back sharply to look sternly into my eyes
i fasten the collar around my neck

M: thats better

t: i surrender to Your will, slipping into subspace
Mistress, please forgive me for my errors

M: I doubt I will

t: please discipline me severely, i know i need to be trained
i broke Your rules and must be corrected
i will fetch the Punishment Book, Mistress, with Your permission
i crawl to the desk and unlock the drawer where the black leather Punishment Book is kept
slowly, i crawl back to Your throne and kneel timidly at Your feet
i lay the Book open on the floor by your feet
and assume the penitent's position, E, to read to You
'on September 28th, i argued with You in public
and was rude to Your friends
later the same evening, i did not come when you called
because i was sulking
for these offences i know i must be severely punished
i do not deserve to have You as my Mistress
and i offer you my suffering as a token of my devotion
i abase myself at your feet, Mistress
i fetch the thin, whippy cane in my mouth and lay it at your feet
You ask me to repeat the date of my offence
it was the 28th, Mistress
You tell me that i will receive 28 strokes of the cane and tell me to kneel
with my bottom in the air and my face on the floor
but only after you have tied the blindfold firmly around my eyes
You tell me that You had considered gagging me
but You prefer to hear my cries and that You want me to be able to beg for mercy
pleas that You intend to ignore
You want me to understand the difference between an erotic spanking and
You intend to teach me a lesson that i will not forget
You tell me to put reach behind me so that my hands are close to my ankles
You clip the cuffs on my wrists to the leather bracelets on my ankles
my bottom is raised and exposed
my cheek is pressed hard against the floor
i start to tremble and feel myself beginning to sweat
i cannot see, there is no light
i hear the clack of your heels behind me as you stand
i can feel a shiver as goose bumps rise on my skin
but it's not because i'm cold
i flinch as i feel the unmistakeable caress of the cane trailed gently across
my buttocks
i try to relax, breathing deeply, preparing to accept the pain
i know that if i am tense, the pain will be greater
now i feel the cane motionless across my bottom for a moment
then it is gone and i hear its sinister hiss through the air before
i cannot help crying out at the sudden cutting pain of the first blow
i jerk against my restraints, squeezing my eyes tightly
i try to process the pain
i seek the safety of subspace
i hear Your soft voice
'What do you say, thursday?"
Thank You, Mistress
'Count for me, thursday"
One, Mistress
too slow, thursday
We'll have to start again
i force myself to relax my hands

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