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Protocol for a Sissy Maid

At my interview with Madame Caramel she had warned me that she would send me instructions on what she expected from the slaves in her stable. They arrived a couple of days later.

Domestic Aka Francisca

Here are some basic steps to becoming a sissy Maid and a domestic. As I told you, I have coped most of this from a site that I really like. There is two profile one for domestic and another for francisca. I will training you to the bets of my abilities and I hope you make the same effort as I will be putting in to teach you.

This is very important to me and is all to do to with common sense.

I really need to have a full day with Maid Francisca on a Saturday or Sunday from 9am till 5pm so I can start training you to meet my needs. Find a day and let me know. Read this all well; it might be best to print and keep it with you at all times. This way you will have a constant reminder if in doubt. Buy a little booklet so I/you can write your trangressions. Let's correct this clumsiness.

You have won the right to call me Mistress in private but you shall continue to address me as Ma'am or Madame Caramel in front of strangers on the scene.

As Madame Caramel acknowledges, what follows is quoted from a site for sissy maids, perhaps Belinda Reed's SissyMaids. It is a good basic primer for trainee maids and, as my Mistress states, provides the essential rules which become second nature for a sissy. 

 The most important thing a sissy maid must do is curtsy. Curtsying shows both respect and humility. It is also important because it shows submission and an acceptance of the sissy maid's role and position. Every sissy maid must know how to properly curtsy so that she may better serve her Mistress.

Below are the 5 steps of the curtsy:

  1. Always smile!
  2. Elegantly place your right foot behind your left foot so your ankles are crossed.
  3. Take hold of the hem of your dress at the sides. You want to make sure your actions are sissy-like, so hold it with your fingertips!
  4. Slowly and elegantly bend at only the knees, dipping, making sure you pull up slightly on the hem and hold it out.
  5. Once you have completed your dip, rise back up just as elegantly and return to your original stance. Make sure you smooth your dress and smile!

Serving properly is a very important thing to know for any of sissy maid. When Mistress wants her breakfast served to her in bed, or when she is having over her friends for dinner, how do you properly serve? The proper way to serve is of course to do it with a smile on your face and make sure that you bend over at the waist only. As you bend, push your sissy ass up into the air a little more than normal. A sissy maid who knows how to serve properly will be able to better impress the Mistress and Her friends with her skills.

Another very important thing for all sissy maids is posture. No Mistress would want a maid who does not sit and stand and mince like a sissy.

Although most maids are not allowed much time to sit (after all we do have duties don't we?) it is valuable to know how to sit at those times when it is acceptable. The proper way for a sissy to sit is with her back straight, head forward, legs crossed, and hands neatly and prettily folded in her lap. The only other acceptable way for a sissy to sit is with her feet back and to the side, one foot over the other so they are crossed, and her hands neatly clasped in her lap. Of course she must also be sitting up straight, as that is very important for good posture.

Also sissies, don't forget to smooth your dress over your bottom as you sit and to smooth it when you rise. Always make sure your actions are feminine and sissy-like!

Walking in a proper manner is an art. It takes much practice and concentration to master. A sissy must walk with her shoulders back, head up, and one foot in front of the other. Sissy's hands can either swing inward; one hand is resting on her hip, or daintily held. Her legs should be together, and her hips should hold a certain sway. Her steps should be small and pretty. Most of the time she should actually only step a half a foot. This insures that she must take much more steps and her hips will be swaying, especially since a sissy maid must often report to her Mistress's call quickly. Walking properly is an art form and with enough practice and work any sissy can do it in a very sissy-like manner.

Submissive Servitude
A sissy maid must always serve in a manner that is submissive and obedient. As many of us maids have found out, not doing that can get us punished, and no maid wants to be punished. Therefore you must strive to please your Mistress, no matter what she asks of you. One time a former Mistress told me that I should always be smiling, because she thought that my smile is lovely. She said that every sissy maid should be cheery and happy while at service. It was very hard for me to constantly smile, but I did, and my Mistress told me that she made me smile for 10 hours straight. There is always a lesson to be learned in my punishments, and this lesson is one I will never forget. A sissy maid should always be obedient to her Mistress, but she should also always be cheery and have a happy disposition. Serving Mistress is to be considered an honor, and we maids should be happy to be in service. Remember maids; serve obediently with a cheery smile!

Duties and Domestic Servitude
  1. Wear what Mistress instructs
  2. Kitchen work: light cooking, meal serving, dish washing, thorough cleaning, organise cabinets sweep and mop floor
  1. Bathroom work: scrub sink, toilet and shower, replenish supplies as needed, sweep and mop floor
  2.  Bedroom work, make bed, organise clothes and shoes, vacuum floor, dust furniture
  3. Secretarial work, assist as needed and instructed, dust and organize library
  4. Entertaining guests: prepare snacks, direct additional help, serve drinks and snacks, thorough cleaning as needed, be available for fetch duty, be prepared if needed as demo
  5. Dungeon work: clean all equipment properly, dust all furniture, vacuum floor, put all equipment in proper place, replenish supplies as needed, assess equipment for safety regularly
  6. Other: be prepared for the needs of Mistress, maintain proper protocol at all times, be mindful of a pleasant attitude, Mistress may modify these duties.

By your sissymaid vow of obedience you will agree to the following:

  • you will be taught the proper house routine, including, but not limited to:

  1. morning duties 
  2. breakfast prep, serving and clean up 
  3. household daily/weekly tasks 
  4. ongoing attendance to Mistress's needs at all times 
  5. lunch prep, etc. 
  6. afternoon household tasks continued from morning 
  7. special task, class, training or recreation break if duties are caught up at that point, if not continue household duties 
  8. dinner prep, etc. 
  9. evening duties

  • you will report promptly to the Mistress for training, correction or conference whenever summoned.
  • you will keep a "transgression book" as taught by the Mistress, subject to review at any time.
  • you will observe the specifics of your sissymaid vows at all times.
  • you will accompany the Mistress on errands as needed and stay where you are told to stay, whether in the car or at her side.
  • you will practice all aspects of courtesy and protocol, as taught by the Mistress, at all times.
  • you will learn to serve drinks to the Mistress properly and do so at all times, except when in "vanilla" presence. To do otherwise is disrespectful and insulting to the Mistress.


"Ask not what your Mistress can do for you - ask what you can do for your Mistress."

After many years of service, as personal slave to some wonderful Mistresses, as house-slave and maitre d' (retired) at Pedestal, I've recently taken some time out to reflect. The following thoughts are just a few suggestions about how a submissive can serve his Mistress:

Every Mistress whom I've had the honour to serve has had different requirements, so I've learned the need to adapt to those requirements.

But along the way I've noticed some qualities that seem to be desirable time and time again...

Knowing what She wants just before She has to ask you for it can take time to learn, but by being alert to Her body language and facial expression (eyes especially) it's possible to anticipate Her needs even on first acquaintance. It's largely a matter of...

Attention to Detail
Very useful in anticipating, but it's also about things like presenting a cup and saucer with the handle pointing in the right direction for Her; noticing that slight smear on the mirror and cleaning it immediately; always removing yourself from Her presence backwards with head bowed; etc., etc.

Being one of a stable of slaves
It is an honour to be part of a stable. It means that the Mistress values you as a slave and a piece of Her property. The fact that She owns other slaves should not make you jealous or resentful; you should not see them as rivals, against whom you need to compete, but as your comrades in servitude. Owning slaves should make Her life easier: you should work in co-operation with Her other slaves towards that goal.

Common Courtesy
Not so common these days! But such courtesies are a way of showing respect and a willingness to be of service: such as rising from your seat whenever She rises from Hers; opening doors for Her; walking kerb-side of Her; helping Her on with Her coat.

Common Sense
Ask yourself if the Mistress has the time or the inclination to micro-manage you. Probably not. You might serve Her better by taking responsibility and using your common sense rather than seeking Her instruction in every little thing.

Mistress is right, even when She's wrong
On a Saturday afternoon in the Charing Cross Road, many years ago, a Mistress slapped my face and said, “Don't ever contradict me again. If Mistress says the sky is pink with purple spots, then the sky is pink with purple spots.” It was one of the best lessons I was ever taught. It helped me to keep my lip tightly buttoned on many an occasion in the ensuing years. It takes humility to accept a telling-off even when you know you've done nothing wrong. I should have known better recently when Mistress told a friend that I had been late in reporting to Her that morning; but I was sure that I'd been on time. I should have simply acknowledged my transgression and humbly apologised. But pride in my punctuality got the better of me: I protested my innocence and was, quite rightly, caned.

There will be times, of course, when Mistress is in error and you will want to correct Her for Her sake. For instance, if She is under the impression that She is meeting Her friend at 8.00 yet you know that the arrangement was for 7.30. On such occasions, you would be doing Her a disservice not to speak; all you need to do is ask Her respectfully if you may make a suggestion…It is up to Her then either to act on your suggestion or to ignore it.

The only motivation that you should need is the desire to please Her. As an added incentive to serve Her well, however, She might deem it necessary to correct mistakes or aspects of poor attitude, and you should be willing to accept whatever punishments the Mistress decides to administer.

Representing Her
Whether attending Her among the general public, or in the presence of other Mistresses, your appearance and behaviour reflect on Her. She might instruct you how She wants you to dress for various situations: you should follow those instructions to the letter. Your attention should always focus on Her but you need to be respectful to others at all times.

One of the nicest compliments I've ever had from a Mistress was, after serving Her and Her friends at a tea-party: "I forgot you were there!"

Yes, useful when She needs a footstool. But also for taking responsibility, and supporting Her when She's feeling low.

“They also serve who only stand and wait”
Have you noticed how in costume dramas and films set in ancient Rome there are always liveried servants or slaves standing in strategic places? What an inspiration they are! I always admire their silent stillness, never betraying so much as a flicker of emotion on their faces. If need be, they will stand there by that door all day long, ready to serve but perhaps never called upon. So, what if the Mistress summons you to serve Her and then makes no use of you? Will you feel bored? Perhaps. (I could have said no, of course not, for you will be filled with the radiant joy of being near Her presence. But we are only human.) Will you feel sullen and resentful? Well, if you do, ask yourself why: is it because your kink is not being satisfied, or because you really want to serve Her and you don't think that this is it? Think again. By being there, in that spot, eager and ready to respond to Her beck and call, you are indeed serving Her. Perhaps She has others tending to Her needs: they scurry hither and thither to fulfil Her requirements. Her requirement of you is to be quiet and still, and wait.

I am aware, as Madame Caramel made clear in my interview with Her and in Her email, that this protocol was written by someone else. I think it was Belinda Reed on the SissyMaids blog.

If it is your work, please do contact me.

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