Friday, 27 July 2012

Interview for a sissy

Property of Madame Caramel

“If you want to be considered as my lifestyle slave, you should write me a polite letter explaining what you can offer and what experience you have. If you do that, I will give it some consideration.”

It was a week since one of London’s most celebrated Dommes had explained how I could apply for a place in Her household. It had happened while we’d been celebrating a successful recording session at Femme Fatale Films with a glass of red wine in a small café on Bethnal Green Road in East London. That shoot had been my first experience of playing the slave in a femdom movie as well as my initiation to domination at the hands – and under the backside – of the imposing Madame Caramel. It was a position in which I had felt completely at home. I knew that I belonged at Her feet metaphorically and physically.

I wanted more.

I was ready to broaden my experience as a submissive, to have my limits stretched.  I needed a Mistress and, in Madame Caramel, I felt that perhaps I’d found Someone I could serve in ways I’d never done before. Until now my experience as a sub had either been with pro Dommes or in the context of a long-term relationship. I’d had partners (Molly and the Empress, described elsewhere in this blog) where D/s had been an important part of our sexual play but not in a 24/7 context. With both of these long-term ‘Mistresses’, there had been extended periods where we’d pursued a vanilla lifestyle.

In all interactions with Madame Caramel, it was very clear that I would be submissive: as servant, slave or sissy maid.  She would demand things of me that no previous Mistress had asked, including simple domestic service, and would permit no ‘topping from the bottom’. She offered me a space in which I would always have only one function: to obey. I knew there was an emotional connection but that She would always use me for her own purposes and satisfaction. I was hungry for it.

I’d written my letter of application at the weekend while staying in the country at my brother’s house. I’d got up early on the Sunday morning and knelt naked at the end of my bed, still very conscious of my shaved legs and genitals.

And now I was sitting opposite Her in a favourite restaurant in Shoreditch,
under a fortnight since I’d first contacted Her on a quiet Sunday morning to apply to take part in ‘Dommes Gone Wild’. I’d had an initial interview, I’d been invited to the film shoot, I’d made my rather timid enquiry about becoming a full-time slave, I’d written my plea to be accepted as slave as I’d been instructed. Things were moving quickly.

Now I was to hear Her decision.

I’m sure that the Chateabriand that She’d ordered for both of us was good but I was barely aware of what I was eating.  She put down her cutlery and turned to me.

“Francis, I have read your letter and given it careful consideration. I’ve studied your behaviour and observed how you respond when I’ve told you to do things., You can be clumsy and careless…”

I knew she was thinking about the jacket that I’d left behind in the dungeon on the day we’d filmed at Femme Fatale. I was still appalled at that mistake; was it going to ruin my chances of being taken on?

“….but I think you do genuinely want to serve and you don’t seem to be trying to manipulate situations so that you’re in control.”

She looked at me closely, smiling as her lips framed the words I wanted to hear.

“So I have decided to take you on as one of my lifestyle slaves. I think you will make a good sissy maid and from now on you will be known as ‘domestic’, or when you are a maid, Francisca. For the time being you will wear this as a sign that you are my property.”

She reached into her purse and took out a short silver chain and padlock.

“Give me your hand”

She fastened the bracelet to my wrist.

“I will send you the rules that I will expect you to observe tomorrow. They’re based on a protocol for sissy maids that I like and I’ve adapted for my own slaves. You will study it and learn to behave properly.”

“We will make an appointment for a day’s initial training so that I can assess whether you are fit to serve me in public. I will want you to do housework, to serve at dinner and tea when I host parties, to give massages to Me and my lady friends.”

“You may also be required to serve me in the dungeon”.

“Have you sucked cock?”

“Yes, Ma’am. Only once or twice, but I have some experience.”

“Well you will be getting a lot of practice from now on. Have you been used as a toilet?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“Good. You may now call me Mistress”. 

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