Monday, 16 July 2012

Application for domestic, sissy and slave training

Dear Madame Caramel,

There are two reasons why i am compelled to write to You, Ma’am.

Firstly, i have to thank you for a wonderful week that has transformed my life. Last Sunday i faced the prospect of another rather dull and lonely day mostly at home: i would browse the web, watch some femdom clips, get up late, visit my daughter, spend the evening in front of the telly. get ready to go back to work.

Then i found the Dommes Gone Wild page and contacted You. i have not been able to think of anything else since You summoned me to interview. As i told you in the taxi, i was Yours from the moment You told me to kiss your feet. Kneeling before You, on the floor in Your flat, with my mouth pressed to Your naked foot, i felt a blissful sense of belonging.

Writing to Madame Caramel
 Which brings me to my second reason for writing: to submit a humble but sincere application for consideration as Your trainee servant or slave.  

If You will give me the opportunity, Ma’am, i long to learn to please You: to offer You my body and mind as Your playthings to command, to control, to submit to your bidding, for you to tease and torment, to punish or even reward as You see fit.

i realize that i do not have all the qualifications necessary to be Your slave but i do have some experience. i believe that with Your guidance and mentoring, i could learn to serve you well. i have been collared by two Mistresses in the past and have been trained to walk on a leash, to serve at table, to act as furniture, to do housework including hoovering, dusting and kitchen duties. i do not have much experience as a sissy maid but i would be very happy to learn more.

i know i have many faults. i can be forgetful and clumsy sometimes, as You discovered this week when i left Your jacket behind. Occasionally i will think of my own needs before Yours as, for example, when i started to pack my things before Yours after filming. i hope to prove to You that with correction and chastisement, i can overcome these failings.

i know that males become inattentive to the needs of Females when they come and that if You accept my application for training, my cock would become Your property. i would no longer have the right to masturbate or have orgasms without your explicit permission. i would anticipate spending prolonged periods in chastity.

As you know i have a full time job and, while i live on my own and am unattached, i do have family commitments which i will occasionally have to prioritise. Apart from this, i offer myself wholly to You, to use as you please, whenever you may have a use for me.

i am literally on my knees as i write this to You, Ma’am: i beg You to look favourably on this application.

Yours respectfully,


Anonymous said...

Very Well ...Im thinking about it! MC

bird298 said...

thank you, ma'am. i live in hope of a position at Your feet.