Monday, 9 July 2012

A walk on the beach

Between April 2010 and the summer of 2011, I traveled frequently to Denmark to visit the Empress. Here's an account of one of our weekends together:

i traveled to Copenhagen to visit Her last weekend and, having stopped at her favourite S&M shop ( and a pet shop to buy me a leash, we drove over the amazing bridge separating Denmark from Sweden for some training. This in part as preparation for next week's Cruel Huntress event in Kent where i will be her prey.

Highest of The Empress' priorities was to walk me on the leash in public; she decided to do this in Sweden, judging that the Swede's reserve would mean there would be little overt reaction. Once over the bridge (through a customs point which featured in a recent episode of Wallander) we drove some 20 kilometres down the coast to a small, upscale resort called Skanor.

As i stepped out of Her car, the Empress told me to kneel, She buckled on my collar and attached the leash. What then followed felt to me one of the most extreme D/s scenes i have ever experienced. The Empress was enjoying Herself hugely, behaved as if having a 50 something man on a lead was entirely natural and proceeded to take me on a tour of the harbour and along the beach which was populated mostly by kite surfers. i kept my eyes fixed on her boots for the most part; certain that the laughter i could hear as we passed the surfers was directed at me. To my great discomfort she stopped to pat a passing dog (which had been allowed off the leash), and chat to its owner. The fact that i couldn't understand a word of what was being said just reinforced my sense of helplessness.

After this initiation as Her pet, we found a nearby hotel which had just one room left; the whole of the rest of the place had been booked by a wedding party, many of whom were wearing traditional costume. Our room had a balcony overlooking the reception in the garden below; Empress insisted that i wear a skirt, stockings, suspenders and high heeled boots as we sat outside and drank a glass of wine.

The following morning we took another walk around the town. I was only allowed off the leash when we saw children; unfortunately for me there were none in the supermarket where every holiday maker in the place seemed to be buying ingredients for a picnic. The queue for the checkout was particularly excruciating.

i had a fantastic weekend. Thank the lord for Swedish reserve.

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